Logo, YESTERYEAR ANTIQUE CENTER, Antique Store in Hanover, PA
Logo, YESTERYEAR ANTIQUE CENTER, Antique Store in Hanover, PA
Open Daily 10am-6pm

441 Pine Street
Hanover, Pa. 17331
email - aselby0650@msn.com
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Our Dealers
Wall Arthur Re Wide Selection of Specialty Light Bulbs
C01 Robert & Barb Brulinski Dishes, Jewelry, & Miscellaneous Collectibles
C02 Brad Snyder Decoys
C03Emory Stroh Collectibles
C04 Steve Sponseller General Collectibles
C05 Debbie LynchGeneral Antiques & Collectibles
C06 Conrad LeGore General Antiques & Collectibles
C07 Chris's Coins Coins
C08 Robert & Barb BrulinskiJewelry & Collectibles
C09 Phyllis Price General Antiques & Collectibles
C10 Pam Leonard & Bonnie Foster General Antiques & Collectibles
C11 Sue & Mac Wilbur Jewelry & Figurines
C12 Sue & Mac Wilbur South West and Indian Collectibles
C13 Kim Krajnak General Collectibles
C14 Harman Sterner Coins, Books, & General Collectibles
C15Rebecca Herndon General Antiques & Collectibles
C16 Andrew Ferraro General Antique & Collectibles
C17Arthur Selby General Antiques
C18 Joan Drega Collectibles and Jewelry
C19 Patricia Streight Glassware & Collectibles
C20 Mitchell Green Coins, Paper Money, and Collectibles
C21 Kevin Lincoln General Collectibles
C22 Gail Myers Jewelry
Jewelry & Collectibles
C24 Mary Wear General Antiques & Collectibles
C25 Kim Krajnak General Collectibles
C26 Maurice Yingling Glassware and Collectibles
C27 Rita Erney Jewelry & Collectibles
C28 Stan Ernst General Antiques & Collectibles
C29 Jay Lalley Sports Items
C30 Robert Brulinski Coins, Paper Money, & Supplies
C31 Chris's Coins Coins
C32 Chris's Coins Coins
C34 Chris Lippy Toys, Figurines, etc
C35 Rosalie Burns Glassware & Collectibles
C36 Edna Ford Dolls, Figurines, Jewelry, & Glassware
C37 Edna Ford Dolls, Figurines, Jewelry, & Glassware
C38 Donald & Diane Dutterer Fenton, Vintage Glassware
C39 Amber DeSanto Antiques & Collectibles
C40 Charlie Stenger Preakness and Derby Glasses and General Collectibles
C41 John Mowrer General Antiques & Collectibles
C42 Noel Falk Peanut Butter Glasses
C43 Qin Yan Oriental Collectibles
C44 RAC Books Vintage Books
C45 Sharon Gersuk General Collectibles
C46 General Collectibles
Dealer Room
 100 & 102 Steve Otis Supplies
 101 Past Presents Antiques, Collectibles, Postcards & Sports Memorabilia
 103 Tillie's Treasures Furniture, General Antiques & Collectibles
 104 Laverne Poe General Antiques & Collectibles
 105 & 107 Brenda & Bob Gladfelter Fenton Dealer and Other Glassware
 106 Brian Sullivan General Antiques & Collectibles
 108 Showcases -----------------------------
 109 Showcases -----------------------------
 110 & 112 David Bollinger Toys, Bottles, and Collectibles
 111 Mowrer's Antiques & Chair Seat Weaving General Antiques & Collectibles
 113 Bonnie Naill, Sheri Smith, Kelly Noel General Merchandise, Alpaca Items, Soaps
 114 Roxanne Laughman Train Collectibles
 115 Mitchell Green Collectible Books, Plates, General Antiques
 116 & 118 Esther Messersmith General Antiques, Collectibles, Crafts & Furniture
 117 Sandra & Larry Wallace Gettysburg Memorabilia, General Antiques & Collectibles
 119 & 125 Diane Colvin General Antiques & Collectibles, Pyrex
 120 Mark Coppersmith General Antiques & Collectibles
 121 Linda Boyer General Antiques & Collectibles
 122 & 124
 126 & 128
 Evelyn Grubb Fenton Glassware, Jim Shore Collectibles, Oak & Pine Country Furniture, Antiques, Glassware, Winross Trucks, Baseball & Football Cards
 123 Shirley Nelson General Antiques and Collectibles
 127 Linda Linebaugh General Antiques and Collectibles - Board Games
 129 Alicia Meckley General Antiques and Collectibles
 131 & 133 Nancy Reitz China, linens, Crystal, and Jewelry
 130 Bob Herring General Antiques & Collectibles
 132 Kent Sauers General Antiques, Cast Iron Toys, and Christmas Items
 134 Dorothy Wright General Antiques and Collectibles
 135 Craig Bollinger General Antiques and Collectibles
 136 Dirk Baer Sports Items
 137 David Emlet Salt & pepper shakers, glassware, tins, & paper ephemera
 138 Linda Cookerly General Antiques & Collectibles
 139 Susan Orsini General Antiques, Collectibles, Clocks
 140 & 142 Richard Fahringer General Antiques and Collectibles
 141 & 143 Samatha Morris General Antiques and Collectibles
 144 & 146 Diane Burdette General Antiques and Collectibles
 145 Anne Cook General Antiques and Collectibles
 147 Tammy Breighner General Antiques and Collectibles
 148 General Antiques and Collectibles
 150 Joseph Shearer General Antiques and Collectibles
 200 - 203 Donald and Diane Dutterer Country Antiques & Collectibles, Decorative Arts, Primitives, & Advertising Memorabilia
 204 TRP Railroad Items, General Collectibles
 205 & 207 Susan Denker Primitive to Elegant.  Showcasing Decorative Arts; Glass; China; Furniture, Jewelry, and Vintage Textiles & Housewares from the past.
 206 & 208 Robert & Barb Brulinski Baseball, Star Wars & Other Collectible Toys Jewelry and Glassware
 209 Windy Hill Antiques Jewelry, Glassware, & Figurines
 210 Brenda Herrick Quilts and Dolls
 211 The Vintage Vault Specializing in vintage purses (Whiting&Davis, beaded, antique childrens, etc.). Large selection of Victorian, 40's/50's & modern jewelry, vintage & novelty barware, bears, piano babies, rustic and everything in between. New items arriving weekly !
 212 & 214 C Elaine Oehlers General Antiques and Collectibles
 213 & 215 Jil Manga General Antiques and Collectibles
 216 Jonathan and Nancy Peabody General Antiques and Collectibles
 217 Jeannie Harris Peanut Butter Glasses, Toys, and Milk Bottles
 218 & 220 Steve Otis General Antiques and Collectibles
 219 Gayle Schneider General Antiques and Collectibles
 221 - 224 Ruth Ann desJardins General Collectibles and Collectibles
 225, 227, 229 Harry Metzger General Collectibles and Bottles
 226, 228, 230  Scott Kessler General Antiques and Collectibles
 231 Cindy Ellicott General Antiques and Collectibles
 232 & 234 Todd Hatterer Jewelry and Planters
 233 Nancy Wolford General Antiques and Collectibles
 235 Maurice Yingling Fenton Glassware, General Collectibles
 236 Dominic Barbagello General Antiques and Collectibles
 237 Randy Garrett General Antiques and Collectibles
 238 & 240 The Home Front Vintage Clothing and Items from the 1940's
 239 Jeff Cashdollar General Antiques and Collectibles
 241 Craig & Betsy Deitchler Toys
 242 & 244 Denise Shower
 243 Joe Diodato Military Items and Coins
 245 Jackie Warner Sewing Items and Collectibles
 246 Bob Herring Sports and Postcards
 300 & 302 Retro Daze Antiques & Collectibles
 Chad and Jeanne Flickinger
 40s-50s-60s Glassware, Pottery, Vintage Kitchenware, and Primitives www.stores.ebay.com/shopretrodaze
 301 Noel Falk General Antiques and Collectibles
 303 Mary Dorsey General Antiques and Collectibles
 304 & 306


 Robin Smith & Anne Muren We are general stock booksellers, and we carry quality used and collectible books in many categories, including: mysteries, children's, Pennsylvania, military, cookbooks, technical books, science fiction, and much more. http://www.racbooks.com/
 305, 307, 309 Brenda & Bob Gladfelter Fenton Dealer and Other Glassware
 310 & 312 Views of The Past Antique Reference Books, Furniture Refinishing Supplies, Plate Stands, etc.
 311 & 313 Mary Simmers General Antiques and Collectibles
 314, 316, 318 New Life Restoration Furniture, Antiques and Collectibles
Quality Refinishing - Minor Repairs and Caning
 (717) 637-5511
 315 Ann Ross Primitives and Kitchen Items
 317 Laurie Frey General Antiques and Collectibles
 319 & 321
 326 & 328
 Virginia Rose Antiques Coins, Bottles, Toys, Depression Glassware, Pictures, Military, and Furniture
 320 Sherri Miller Salt and Pepper, General Collectibles
 322 Keith Kitner General Antiques, Glassware, and John Deere
 323 Jackie Warner Sewing Items and Collectibles
 324 Vance Sheffer World War II Items & Collectibles
 325 Roger McGrew Furniture, General Antiques and Collectibles
 327 Don Bruckart Jewelry & Collectibles
 329 Don Bruckart General Antiques and Collectibles
 330 Stephanie Appler General Antiques and Collectibles
 331 Don Bruckart General Antiques and Collectibles
 332 Mary Simmers General Antiques and Collectibles
 334 Chris & Hank Miller General Antiques and Collectibles
 336 Chris & Hank Miller General Antiques and Collectibles
 338 Brian Sullivan General Antiques and Collectibles
 340 Betty Wise General Antiques and Collectibles
 342 Rick Wise General Antiques and Collectibles
 344 Rick Wise General Antiques and Collectibles
 400 Peggy Bell General Antiques and Collectibles
 401 Peggy Bell General Antiques and Collectibles
 405 Bobbie Milburn General Antiques and Collectibles
 406 Don Bruckart General Antiques and Collectibles
 500 Dawn Newman General Antiques & Collectibles
 502 David Bollinger Toys, Bottles, & Collectibles
 503 Dominic Barbagello General Antiques and Collectibles
 504 Joan Bechtel General Antiques & Collectibles
 505 Bryan Walter
 506 Deb Kress Advertising Signs, Toys
 507 Joan Bechtel General Antiques and Collectibles
 508 Susan Smith Jewelry, General Antiques and Collectibles
 509 Yvonne Mummert General Antiques & Collectibles
 510 Pam Leonard & Bonnie Foster General Antiques & Collectibles
 511 Ron Buczkowski General Antiques & Collectibles
 512 Victoria Druck General Antiques & Collectibles
 513 General Antiques & Collectibles